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Cheap Chinese Induction Coils

March 31, 2009




The induction coil, once an essential tool of modern physics that lay behind the discovery of the electron, x-rays and radio, has been relegated to the toybin.  Most of the modern ones are made in China like the rest of our toys.  While the coils of yore were mahogany-cased artisanal masterpieces destined for the most prestigious laboratories, today’s product is pitched at the Wal-Mart Shopper: sloppy mass production and everyday low prices.  I recently bought one such coil for use in an outreach program at Albuquerque’s Explora museum.  Billed as a 60-kV Ruhmkorff coil, the same product seems to have several outlets in the US.  This is a quick review.  Click below for more… Read the rest of this entry ?


Spring Cleaning

July 29, 2008

Yes, it’s mid-summer now, but “spring cleaning” is better done late than never! With work gearing up on the Carl’s Sr. fusor project and the requisite demands on my space and funds, I’m parting with some loot that will probably be more useful to someone else. Call 505-412-3277 or email with questions or counter-offers. I accept PayPal at my email address.


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