Visit to the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site » Kharitonchiki


A “kharitonchik” (Rus: “харитончик,” plural “харитончики”) is a piece of nuclear slag, fused earth named affectionately for physicist Yulii Khariton. In the USA, such fused-earth residues are known generically as “atomsite”, or in the particular case of the Trinity test, “trinitite.” In this photo you can see the greenish, glassy, vesiculated slag that covers the ground in the immediate vicinity of Ground Zero. This slag is not just from the first bomb, but also from three other ones subsequently exploded on the same place.

One comment

  1. Carl,

    What an experience. To see and compare this to Trinity would be of momumental importance and a trip to remember. Congrats and thank you for making this information available.

    Frank Spitz

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