Spring Cleaning

July 29, 2008

Yes, it’s mid-summer now, but “spring cleaning” is better done late than never! With work gearing up on the Carl’s Sr. fusor project and the requisite demands on my space and funds, I’m parting with some loot that will probably be more useful to someone else. Call 505-412-3277 or email willis.219@osu.edu with questions or counter-offers. I accept PayPal at my email address.


High voltage vacuum feedthroughs: The large fluted ceramic feedthrough at left is mounted in an 8″ ConFlat flange and is easily capable of 100 kV in air-insulated service. There is no lead passing down the axis of the insulator; you’d have to supply your own. The “hot” end of the insulator contains a 1 1/3″ rotatable ConFlat on a hollow tube, which as the photo shows has been bent off-axis. 8″ flange knife edge is in good condition. Exterior of fluted insulator has some gummy residues that are soluble in acetone. Suggested price: $250.

The small ceramic feedthrough at right is probably vacuum-rated, but I don’t know for sure. The fluted side would be rated in the neighborhood of 30 kV in air. A solid piece of steel threadstock passes down the axis. Flange looks to be a custom elastomer seal (of which this is the female side). Suggested price: $25


Manual high vacuum valves: At left, a KF-50 bellows-sealed stainless steel valve in good used condition. Suggested price: $75.

Middle: KF-25 bellows-sealed stainless Key valve in good used condition. Suggested price: $40

Right: a brand-new, never-used MKS bellows-sealed stainless right-angle valve with rotatable 2-3/4″ ConFlat flanges. Heck, I even have the manufacturer’s original bag that this came in, it’s that fresh! Suggested price: $150


Foreline trap from MDC. KF-25 flanges, stainless steel construction. Comes with a full charge of 13X molecular sieve from Kurt Lesker (you might want to change it though). No heater supplied. Suggested price: $40




NIM stuff: I have an Ortec Model 452 spectroscopy amplifier and an Ortec Model 929 high voltage supply. Both are working, although the 929 has no side panels and the 453 amp is missing a 4-40 screw from one of its side panels. The 452 is suitable for general-purpose linear amplification and pulse shaping for radiation measurements. The 929 HV supply is +/- 10 kV and the polarity can be internally switched. $30 each.




Brand-new Hamamatsu photomultiplier tubes! Here’s a good deal for those folks wanting to build miniature scintillation detectors. These are 10-stage / 12 pin 3/4″ (19 mm) PMTs, brand-new in the box. The tube is a #6813341. I don’t know if an alternate “R” number is associated with these or not, but they share the same pinout as the R1450 and probably behave similarly. $20 each or $70 for all four.


Scintillation detector for prospecting: This Bicron 2M1/2 NaI(Tl) unit has been a constant companion on uranium collecting trips for many years. It has taken a beating physically in the field. Therefore, I doubt it would be any good for gamma spectroscopy, but it still works fine in its intended application. This detector comes with a socket assembly, made by George Dowell (K0FF). The dynode resistors are 10M each. Connector is BNC. The detector operates from ~1 kV on a Ludlum 3 ratemeter. $50




Victoreen 592B ion chamber ratemeter: an oldie but goodie, in working order. Requires a number of 22.5-volt batteries for chamber bias (included, have charge, but not new). Physically in decent shape. Last calibrated in 1992, according to sticker on side. Converted to use 1.5-volt alkaline batteries for the meter circuit in 2002 by Richard Hull. Measures exposure from 1-1000 mR / hr in three ranges. User must keep the desiccant packs inside dry. $60


High-power semiconductors: Powerex CM400HA-34H IGBT, CM300HA-24H IGBT, ND4414180 dual-diode block, and LS4414300P diode block. These parts came from a high-power switching circuit in a monstrous Crymer HV supply. Should be attractive to folks building switch circuits entailing hundreds of amps and thousands of volts. $20 each.


High voltage filter capacitors: 0.125 μF / 27 kVDC made by Westinghouse. $25 each or $40 for both. Heavy!






High-voltage filter capacitors: 0.075 μF / 16 kVDC. Electrical check OK, physically somewhat ratty looking. May contain PCBs. $10 each, $15 the pair.





High voltage doorknob capacitors: 650 pF, 18 kVDC. 8-32 thread on each side. $1 each.








Refractory crucibles: the large unit is magnesium oxide (“magnesia”), suitable for reducing uranium tetrafluoride to uranium metal. It holds about 50 ml. New and never used. $25

The small crucible is alumina and holds about 20 ml. $10





Voltage multiplier from x-ray power supply: Each of the big caps is rated 0.035 μF at 10 kVDC. Also, there are a plethora of nice high-voltage fast rectifiers on this board. Output voltage was intended to be 80 kV, according to some script on the board. Requires high frequency, high voltage AC to operate correctly. I recall checking the unit out a few years ago and found that it was functional. However, it is designed to operate under oil at 80 kV to eliminate corona and sparking. $25


High voltage transformer: salvaged from a large Universal Voltronics supply, this transformer seems to produce about 20 kV from an input of 240 VAC. It must be operated under oil. Likely capable of at least 1 kVA. Some rust is evident on parts of the core. $30. Remember, this is heavy!




Single-stage regulator from Air Products. Has neoprene diaphragm. Inlet / outlet pressure gauges. 1/4″ NPT inlet / outlet fittings. Supply your own CGA adaptor to use with a gas cylinder. $15







High voltage power supply: Bertan Model 2854-8. For specs, refer to photo. Output is via MHV connector. $20


  1. I am interested in bicron NaI scintillation detector can you ship to Canada and what would the costs Be?…..Steve

  2. where did you buy those filter capacitors, could they be used for a tesla coil?


  4. Hi ill have all the High-power semiconductors: Powerex CM400HA-34H IGBT, CM300HA-24H IGBT, ND4414180 dual-diode block
    And all the High voltage doorknob capacitors: 650 pF, 18 kVDC

    Please email me and let me know. I live in the united kingdom.
    Many thanx

  5. i, m interest with Hamamatsu photomultiplier tubes!
    can you ship to indonesia??

  6. Yeah thanx for replying back to me!!!
    How can you sell ya stuff when ya don’t bother emailing peaple back !!!!!

    • Son, check the date. This post was 2008. It’s now the END of 2011, and the stuff is long gone. Jeez…

  7. Hi mate, there’s some things I’m very interested in would you let me know how’s the best way about buying from you.

    Many thanx

  8. Wonderful, what a webpage it is! This website presents
    helpful information to us, keep it up.

  9. Hi Carl
    I know you from the Fusor forum.
    Please, let me know which parts are still available.
    I would pay by PayPal and need them sent to NY city.
    Regards and congratulations for your excellent work!

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