For Sale: Uranium Ore

May 5, 2008

I’m offering excess uranium ore from my early summer trips for sale. This includes an assortment of decent specimen pieces from Lisbon Valley, San Juan Co., Utah, and bulk carnotite-tyuyamunite ore from the Grants, NM region. Read below for details.

The Utah material, top, is a hard, coarse-grained red Chinle sandstone incorporated with veins and disseminated black uraninite. Fracture faces exhibit some colorful andersonite and other secondary uranium minerals. This comes from Big Indian Valley, San Juan Co., Utah. Piece descriptions and suggested pricing are provided after the jump.

The New Mexico material, bottom, comes from Poison Canyon near Grants, NM. It is a tough, gray Todilto limestone saturated with yellow carnotite and tyuyamunite and occasionally some dark-colored uraniferous humates. Unfortunately this collecting location has become inaccessible and this may be the last batch of this stuff for a while. Sold by weight at $12 / kg.

Utah Ore Pricing Schedule (refer to image above)

Note: radiation measurements are made with CDV-700 Geiger probe, open against the specimen.

  1. 30 kCPM, 2.8 kg $50
  2. 10 kCPM, 1.0 kg $10
  3. 20 kCPM, 1.1 kg $20
  4. 20 kCPM, 0.96 kg $20
  5. 15 kCPM, 0.37 kg $6
  6. 13 kCPM, 0.83 kg $10
  7. 15 kCPM, 0.51 kg $8
  8. 25 kCPM, 1.3 kg $25
  9. 15 kCPM, 0.77 kg $10
  10. 19 kCPM, 0.43 kg $12
  11. 19 kCPM, 0.81 kg $17
  12. 15 kCPM, 0.14 kg $5
  13. 25 kCPM, 0.41 kg $15
  14. 18 kCPM, 0.54 kg $14
  15. 25 kCPM, 0.50 kg $18
  16. 24 kCPM, 0.18 kg $10
  17. 26 kCPM, 0.35 kg $16

The Grants, NM ore averages about 5 kCPM and is sold by weight. I will try to honor requests for large pieces, small pieces, etc., but I will not break up rocks to suit. What you get is what I have. Also, minimum order of 500 g is in effect (none of these 10-cent sales).

Fine Print: Contact me at willis.219@osu.edu or 505-412-3277. Sales are only to addresses in the United States. Shipping is extra. Educators get a 50% discount (note, educator status must be verifiable). Payment via check or PayPal. I am not a wholesale dealer—I don’t mind if the buyer sells / trades in limited quantities, but if you just mark this stuff up and flip it on eBay, we shan’t do business again!


  1. Carl I will take the #1 and #18

    Also 5KG of the poison canyon stuff.

    Give me a total with shipping

  2. Carl, I would like #3, 12, and 13. I also will take 1kg of the New Mexico stuff, thanks.

  3. Carl,
    I would like 2kgs of the Poison Canyon ore. Let me know what the total is with shipping to 05408 all I’ll xfer the money.


    Scott Fusare

  4. Hello,
    I would be interested in purchasing numbers 8 and 15 of the Utah material as well as 3 kilos of the Grants, NM product.

    Please contact me w/ further information as to total cost including shipping w/ insurance.

    By the way you have a great site. I myself have been working the last couple of days on some Fiestaware-type glaze grindings with some beautiful yellow extractions w/ bright green fluorescence coming out of the orange material after HCL extraction, as well as good results with a similarly inspired Magnesium powder/Uranium glass reaction to obtain elemental slag a couple weeks past (if you can think of an efficient way of separating the silicon metal I’d be obliged), and stumbled on your site while looking up information on uranium chloride.

    Thanks again and with best regards,

  5. I’ll take #16 and 1 kg of the canyon stuff. I just bought my geiger counter and would like to test some stuff out. Thanks!

    Total everything up with shipping and let me know how much as well as your paypal. I can give you my shipping address once I paid

  6. […] For Sale: Uranium Ore […]

  7. Hi Carl,

    If still available, I’d like to purchase 2 Kilo of the the Grants, NM, ore (Smaller pieces would be great), and also #2 of the utah ore. Let me know what the total would be, insured mail to zip # 02215 and I’ll transfer you the money via paypal.


    What would the total be, shipping included?

  8. I am interested in some Uranium pieces for collection and display.

    Please respond if you can provide medium to large ore samples.



    • Thank to have read you posting on theUranium. I have 3KG of Uranium.So if you are a serious buer then we can communicate to oneanother.

      • Collins,

        What exactly do you have and where are you located?


  9. Hello Carl, 2/2009
    Do you have any KG of NM ore remaining?
    I would have fun with 3KG…

  10. can i buy #7 please I REALLY LIKE IT just its looks and seems nice to me and i collect minerals so that would be nice please write back

    from logan 🙂

    ps: i know the dangers and i willing to face them

  11. Hi, i have just ordered a geiger counter and while i wait for it to arrive i am looking to buy some radioactive materials to make experiments with.
    So i would be interested in #13, #16 or #18 preferably. If you can sell any left, please let me know.


  12. Hi first of all do you ship internationally?
    even so pleas mail me!
    i am interested a lot! check my video on YT
    i am the Chemchef

    • ok you don’t ship internationally….

  13. Hello Carl,
    I am a geochemist with the U.S. Geological Survey. I would like permission to reproduce your photo of uraninite that appears on mindat.org (photo-34711), along with its location information. I am compiling interesting photos for a photo gallery on our USGS U-group web page.

    • Hi Robert,

      You are welcome to use that image. Thanks for your interest.

      Best regards, Carl Willis

  14. can you please tell me which of those rocks are still available today? I am interested in 2-6-7 . Paypal. Thanks.

  15. Carl,

    Just found your website, and like it a lot!

    My order for a GM counter from Aware Electronics is due to arrive this week–targeted first for checking radon levels (hopefully all very low). Great contrast would thereafter be provided by hotter experiments using your ores such as nos. 1, 15, and 18 of Utah and 3kg of Poison Canyon. Are these ores still available?

    Best regards,


  16. Hey Mr. Carl,
    I know its a few years later but if your still dealing the ore ive been looking to buy a few kilograms of it. Is it still for sale? If so just shoot me an email all you have to say is “uranium for sale still” and i’ll write back to you with an order.


  17. Hey, if any of the ore is still available please email me, it would be greatly appreciated. I only want a small specimine of the mexican ore to be sent to Australia. Thanks 😀

  18. Carl,

    I would love to purchase #12 from you if you still have it. If not, i would be happy to purchase #9. Don’t worry, i am an element collector and and have been searching everywhere for some uranium within reasonable price. Thanks so much!!! ( just e-mail me whenever!)

  19. Hey, me again. just realized its been a few years, but if you still have some, PLEASE contact me! i’m VERY VERY INTERESTED!!!

  20. Please let me know what is still available

  21. so how do we buy these minerals? And what is shipping to 44870

  22. Carl: hello, nice science. Thanks. I need about 200 cc of radioactive material. It should be active in the alpha and beta rays and granular with a maximum size of about .125″. I can crush material of course. This is for an electricity experiment. Thanks, Kirk Miller

  23. howdy from georgia . I would like to know if I could buy some ore from you. I missed the opertunity to from another site and wonder if you are relly selling any and if you will sel me some.

  24. do you have any remaining ore? I want to buy one. How do I pay for it? let me know. Thank you.

    • Uranium Ore for sale.. 5k available .. contact me for more details ceo.inbox1@gmail.com

  25. Do you consider shipment to China? I’m a nuclear engineer, working on a digital gamma spectrometer project, and collecting radioactive checking source all the time. Currently I own two Ra226, one Am241 and K40 powders, and have access to U238/U235, Cs137, Co57 sources. I’d really like to add Uranium ore to my collection. All shipment fee is on me and I think intensity of 500 cpm is not a problem for customs inspection.

    • jeżeli to jest nadal aktualne to 10/25 biorę # 4

  26. Do you have any left? I am interested in a few kg.

  27. Carl, Am interested in high intensity pieces with urnainite. Keep me informed.

  28. Is # 12 still available? Thank you.


  29. Please let me know if you have any, I’d like to get about $50 worth.

  30. Do you still have any #1 available

  31. hlo do you still have some #12 i really want some if not available let me know want ores are still available thanks

  32. Is there anything available? I have about $30 to spend.

  33. gostaria de 1kg de uranio o item 3 20 kcpm, 1,1 kg $ 20

  34. Carl,

    I would like a sampling of your ores, whatever you have handy. Lets make it easy. A random sample that adds up to 100 bucks, your choice. I am hercloudbuster@gmail.com on paypal. Send me a request for payment, and I trust you will send a worthwhile array. Please include shipping as you see fit.

    I am Larry Hufstedler of the HEAS group.

    Email me anytime!



  35. Can I ship overseas?

    • yes… i am interested pls

  36. Are any samples still available? I am looking for a tiny 1/2 inch sized piece to replace in a vintage rock and mineral collection. Thank you!

    • Of the Uranium ore

  37. i had U ore in Indonesia.
    if you inyerest to buy. and had the way to bring with quite and safety.

  38. hey, are any samples still available? I’m looking for some for a project. roughly an inch in size. email me at Collin.hunter@paes.com

  39. Hello Carl Willis, big fan of your YouTube videos. Are any of these samples still available, or are there any new sample you would be willing to part with?

  40. hey carl I will take 3 kg of the poison canyon ore please email me your PayPal and i will send you my shipping address

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